Whether you’re doing reports, presentations or interactive dashboards, we can work with you on any project from start to finish, offering accurate and reliable reports prepared by our professional and experienced team.

  • We can supply customised report examples at the tender stage to help you win your proposals

  • We offer advice on report design and data presentation

  • We can use your existing reports and presentations, or work with you to design and automate a report to meet your needs

Complete Flexibility
Our automated reporting service offers total flexibility on the design of your reports. Reports can be as simple or as complex as you like.

  • Reports can combine data from multiple sources, projects, waves.

  • Reports can contain any combination or style of charts, tables, automated commentary, verbatim comments, significance testing and other statistical techniques including Key Drivers, Segments, Maps and Models.

  • Reports can be supplied in PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word or Flash and can be delivered using email, FTP, CD or hosted online.

Cost Effective
As well as benefitting from the savings from automation, our experience and expertise allows us to automate your reports very efficiently, which allows us to offer our services at very competitive prices.

Report automation can be set up in advance of the final data being available. Test reports can be generated on partial data and the report design finalized, so once final data is supplied, reports can be generated very quickly.

Our automated commentary saves you a significant amount of time in interpreting data and writing comments. Commentary can be as simple or as complex as you like and you have the option to embellish the comments based on your specialist knowledge of the subject area.