Our team all have 20+ years’ experience in providing tabulation services and we are highly regarded for our experience, knowledge and communication skills.

We provide data analysis ranging from simple cross-tabulations to complex analysis for hierarchical and longitudinal data structures. We’re equally comfortable providing analysis based on your specifications or following the inherent routing of the survey and are happy to advise on the best way to analyse your data.

Data Formats
D&T can analyse data in almost any format – card-column, column binary (multi-punched), ASCII (fixed width, tab-delimited, csv), Triple-S, XML, SPSS, SAS, Excel, Access, other databases, CAWI/ CATI/ CAPI output, and other formats. We can consolidate data from multiple sources and formats into the analysis and one single common format. Alternatively, we can capture your data for you.

Tabulations can be provided to you electronically in Excel, Word, PDF, Winyaps, other custom formats or printed and couriered to you. Our D&T Table Viewer, which is provided free of charge, is an interactive Excel based tool (with tables of contents and navigation links) that allows you to view tables in a variety of formats/ styles.

We can provide you with the variables from the analysis in a database that allows you to do your own further cross-tabulations and analysis. These include:

  • SPSS Reporter/ IBM SPSS Reports for Surveys

  • Askia

  • Quanvert

  • Reflect

  • Other data formats including: Triple-S/ XML, SPSS, SAS